We are pleased and honored to announce that the fourth edition of Medical Tourism CE Conference that was held in Berlin on 15th & 16th of February has received an amazing feedback. The topic we covered this year was an attraction for international patients in the age of evolving digitalization. We had participants from many countries from Europe that represented their companies which included organizations that start with healthcare providers, through facilitators and of course – buyers.
Our conference dealt firstly with an overview of the medical tourism industry, then tackling the challenges and issues in the sector, technological advantages, certification, and ended with an alternative approach to the industry.

Our Chairman on Day I – Dimitris Kavakas from Redia IVF, United Kingdom, led us through an inspiring day, full of interaction and discussion about popular topics that our carefully picked speakers have talked about.

On Day II, our Chairlady Claudia Mika from Temos International added great value to the event by explaining how accreditation benefits all stakeholders in the industry.
Both of them have contributed greatly towards an enthusiastic conference, which we believe was of great significance to all of our participants, therefore – many thanks to both of them for their exceptional contribution!

Additionally, an important part of the conference were the networking activities, which happened on the breaks, at lunch, and after the sessions were over, whereby we tried to bring together the buyers and providers of healthcare, for their mutual interest. We tend to believe that this is what makes our events so special, as are our efforts to go above & beyond in our services, making everybody leave the conference venue richer with knowledge, inspiration, experience, and connections.

The Euro Events team, would like to use this occasion and thank all of the participants for their contribution towards the success of the Conference, whether it was by a presentation, a great question or an honest feedback intended to only make us better in future! Special thanks are also addressed to our partners, whose role in the event was remarkable.
This is yet another event that makes us satisfied with what we do and gives us more inspiration and ideas for the next editions.

We are looking forward to MTCE 5.0 and believe you are too!

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