For the fifth time, the Medical Tourism Annual Conference will bring together the key players in the industry and open a platform for discussing the most prominent trends & challenges.
This time we are assembling in Zagreb, Croatia, maintaining the quality level of our events, striving to improve it, and work on building even a greater legacy in the field.
The last edition in Berlin in February 2018, still has a firm hold in our memories as a focal point for networking opportunities in the industry.
Our event is standing out among the many as we keep our sponsors’ high exposure and visibility, while simultaneously creating a learning environment where experts have insightful and well informed discussions about the industry.
This time MTC will last for three days whereby we will reserve the first two days for the conference and the discussions, and the third day for the B2B Power Workshop, setting up meetings among vendors and buyers.
This year we are including and exploring topics such as the future of health care, telemedicine, patient’s demands and expectations, preventive health and reinvention of retirement wellness centers, to mention a few.
Our speakers are carefully hand picked from the very best and most successful clinics, unions, associations and institutions overall.


Poliklinika Bagatin has been our partner at the Medical Tourism Conference for a while now. What are your expectations for this year’s edition?

Ognjen Bagatin: Yes, we are really proud that this is our third year of partnership with EUROEVENTS and that after our partnership in Warsaw and Berlin we are hosting the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference in Zagreb this year. Our goal is to bring top clinics together again, round up the top knowledge from Europe and the world, and to get top facilitators so we can all learn from each other and grow together.

It is the first time we are coming in Croatia with MTC, could you tell us a little bit more how you feel about this, bearing in mind that this is your home country and where Bagatin Clinic is based?

Ognjen Bagatin: Zagreb and Croatia are becoming a medical tourism hotspot and working together on its promotion is something I am really excited about. We are now opening our Clinic in a new location, in the heart of Dalmatia, the beautiful city of Split, and we expect a lot from medical tourism which has great potential in such a tourist city. We wish to raise the quality of medical services for both our domestic clients and the tourists that visit us. The fact that Croatia is a top tourist destination and hotspot according to many tourism and leisure magazines and websites only contributes to the overall attractiveness of the destination and makes it easy for the branding of medical tourism. This is the time when we want to “roll the wheel” and fortify the status of Croatia as a medical tourism friendly and attractive destination, with an ample offer of medical services and options for all types of medical and tourist visitors – all year round.

What is your main focus? Inbound or outbound patients?

Ognjen Bagatin: As we are on the market for 24 years now and are already well-known among domestic clients, we are currently focusing on clients from abroad. Our main focus is patient inbound. Each year we grow 54% in the arrival of foreign clients which only proves our quality and the quality of destination. At the moment we derive most of our patients from the Austrian, Swiss, German, Slovenian and Italian market, and what we are especially excited about is the increase in the number of patients coming from USA, Australia and New Zealand. They are mostly coming for dental treatments and plastic surgery procedures. Last year we had patients coming from 39 countries form all around the world.

How do you think Croatia can become more successful in attracting foreign patients and increasing the numbers?

Ognjen Bagatin: With better positioning and branding of the destination and, before all, communicating more efficiently with 19,000,000 million tourists visiting us almost every year.
We are very optimistic when it comes to the future of medical and health tourism in Croatia. Considering the global medical tourism industry growth is poised for 15-20 % growth year over year, a portion of this domino effect and impact will, in fact, be felt in our country as well. With additional efforts to be made I think there is no doubt about it, and, as for everything else, it takes time but, as I said earlier, I think we are on the right track. Not to mention the fact that the retention of the medical staff and the brightest of the bright at medical schools all over the country as well as in Croatian hospitals and clinics would therefore not be called into question. This is something I will talk about in my presentation.
Several routes exist out there; from B2G options, to facilitator models all the way to insurance companies and large international employers functioning on self-funded health plan/insurance basis. With careful and targeted synergies, research, partnerships, governmental support and planning only the sky is limit for the Croatian medical tourism!

And lastly, could you share some interesting anecdote that you have with international patients at your clinic?

Ognjen Bagatin: Hmh, I can´t actually recall some anecdote (although I´m sure there are many 😊) but what I always do remember are the nice, positive stories of our Clients. One of them is definitely a story about Mr. Carl Faulkner, our Client from USA who came via Qunomedical last year around Christmas. This is a powerful, emotional, life changing story definitely worth reading so that is why I will not go into more detail but will link the story bellow:



We are pleased and honored to announce that the fourth edition of Medical Tourism CE Conference that was held in Berlin on 15th & 16th of February has received an amazing feedback. The topic we covered this year was an attraction for international patients in the age of evolving digitalization. We had participants from many countries from Europe that represented their companies which included organizations that start with healthcare providers, through facilitators and of course – buyers.
Our conference dealt firstly with an overview of the medical tourism industry, then tackling the challenges and issues in the sector, technological advantages, certification, and ended with an alternative approach to the industry.

Our Chairman on Day I – Dimitris Kavakas from Redia IVF, United Kingdom, led us through an inspiring day, full of interaction and discussion about popular topics that our carefully picked speakers have talked about.

On Day II, our Chairlady Claudia Mika from Temos International added great value to the event by explaining how accreditation benefits all stakeholders in the industry.
Both of them have contributed greatly towards an enthusiastic conference, which we believe was of great significance to all of our participants, therefore – many thanks to both of them for their exceptional contribution!

Additionally, an important part of the conference were the networking activities, which happened on the breaks, at lunch, and after the sessions were over, whereby we tried to bring together the buyers and providers of healthcare, for their mutual interest. We tend to believe that this is what makes our events so special, as are our efforts to go above & beyond in our services, making everybody leave the conference venue richer with knowledge, inspiration, experience, and connections.

The Euro Events team, would like to use this occasion and thank all of the participants for their contribution towards the success of the Conference, whether it was by a presentation, a great question or an honest feedback intended to only make us better in future! Special thanks are also addressed to our partners, whose role in the event was remarkable.
This is yet another event that makes us satisfied with what we do and gives us more inspiration and ideas for the next editions.

We are looking forward to MTCE 5.0 and believe you are too!


It is hard to recommend or decide to take long flights just for a root canal, but it does makes sense or cents. Complex surgeries are even more thrilling and those missions look and sound impossible, but still people do it and yet it will grow as a trend all over the globe, for many different reasons, either cheaper services, state of the art technology, the best surgeons the list just goes on.

Competition raises everyday, none of the stake holders stops at the level of excellence they achieved, everyone trying to create a unique Patient’s journey. The competitive environment raised the level of quality & safety in the global health sector, and it yet evolves.

The power of shared knowledge, motivation and hard work are the key to raise the level and stay ahead of the competition. motivation and hard work can be achieved only by you but Sharing knowledge with international leading players and experts can only be done together with EuroEvents and our business events.

Knowing that, last week we held the 3rd Annual Medical Tourism Conference in the heart of Warsaw, Poland at the French Luxury Sofitel Victoria Hotel. Here, we gathered the leading industry players and stakeholders to share experience and real life case scenarios, how they successfully attracted and continue to attract more clients/patients in this ever changing business environment.

Over 70 delegates and speakers in two days of interactive presentations with questions & answers shared so many bright ideas and solutions to the current challenges Medical Tourism providers are facing. Developed new strategies and created a network of business partners at the specially designed coffee breaks, strategic interactive lunch and the free time spent together in the best place in Warsaw “Dom Wodki”.

The ultimate program with the most crucial solutions for the core problems to success in gaining more and more clients, was unique and extra ordinary. Professionals from almost every stakeholder in the industry presented a variety of international experiences and expertise. This international event gathered delegates from over 25 different countries from USA to Turkey.

Polish Tourist Organization presented the whole new approach and programme how Poland will build new foundations for medical tourism.

According to Poliklinika Bagatin the success story from Croatia: it is not only about your brand (“You will have to work alone to create your brand”), important factor is the Destination Branding (“But if you want to go far you can do it alone”), the Journey does not starts and ends in your Hospital / Clinic, it starts with the first contact in you country, either Airport, Taxi maybe the first coffee at the restaurant, everything has to be perfect, and that is an hard task to achieve.

MEDIGO from Germany and Bocain Clinic from Poland explained the complex connection between your product and your clients, the marketing sector. Sharing real life strategies they use in everyday work.

Hasan Arslanyuregi from Methodist, USA and Yeditepe University, Turkey explained the Technology and Digital opportunities, also what to be expected in the near future, personalised medicine, google health, virtual reality surgery the list is endless, can you imagine the progress?

“Excellence in healthcare is our duty, responsibility and obligation” Never ever forget that.

Overall it was a great enterprise event, this smiles on the group photo are priceless.