The 6th MTC program

Learn and benchmark with the leaders on european and global markets

Discuss trending topics with different stakeholders in the medical tourism industry

Meet your counterparts in B2B Power Meetings and create partnerships.
Markets in focus: 

  • EU | UK | Russia
  • Middle & Far East

Enjoy your time with gala dinner, city tours and hospital site visits.

Follow. Engage. Get recognised.

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Meet the distinguished speakers of the 6th Annual Medical Tourism Conference!

Stelios Kouvaris

Reginal Manager, Iatropolis, Greece

    Claudia Mika

    Temos International, Founder & CEO, Germany

      Nick Losseff

      Medical Director for Strategic Alliances and Global Patient Services, Cleveland Clinic, UK

        Stefano Urbani

        Turismo Medico Italia Srl, Co-Founder & CEO, Italy

          Ognjen Bagatin

          CEO, Poliklinika Bagatin, Croatia

            Daniel Coulton Shaw

            Global Clinic Rating, Clinic Ambassador, UK

              Zahal Levy

              MediHelp International,President

                Rania Kimrakji

                Royalty Consultants DMCC, Founder& Managing Director, UAE

                  Jakub Dejewski

                  CEO, Fertility Clinics Abroad Ltd | IVF Media, UK

                    Lutz Lungwitz

                    President, German Medical Wellness Association, Germany

                      Dr. Prem Jagyasi

                      Dr. Prem & Associates, CEO & Founder, India

                        Ilaria Giannico

                        Secretary General, European Union of Private Hospitals, Belgium

                          Farhan Abdulbari

                          Business development, Qunomedical, Germany

                            Ilan Geva

                            Owner, Ilan Geva & Friends, USA

                              Ahmad Shahrman

                              General Manager, Euro assist, Egypt

                                Dimitris Kavakas

                                Chief Executive Officer, Redia LTD, UK

                                  Klaus Schmerler

                                  Martin Luther University, Researcher, Germany

                                    Maria Georga

                                    IMTJ/LaingBuisson, Medical Travel Specialist/Regional Manager, Germany

                                      Alessandro Santambrogio

                                      CEO, Acesis, Italy

                                        Irini Tsimpidi

                                        SGK Medicredence, Regional Manager, Greece

                                          Alexander Wiecki

                                          IVF Media Ltd., CMO, Ireland

                                            Christos Skarleas

                                            Radiation Oncologist, Associate Director, Hygeia Hospital

                                              Ioannidis Georgios

                                              Obstetrician, Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist, Mitera Hospital, Greece

                                                Christopoulos George

                                                Obstetrician - Gynecologist, Fertility Specialist, Mitera Hospital, Greece

                                                  Atakan Tublukkan

                                                  Senior Medical Network Manager, Medigo, Germany

                                                    Aida Sarkissian

                                                    Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager, Advanced Hair Clinics, Greece

                                                      Mahnoor Hussain

                                                      Marketing & Communications Consultant, UK

                                                        Dr. Gregory Kyriakou

                                                        CEO, Gamma Air Medical, Greece

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                                                          Conference & Workshop Agenda

                                                          The official program of the 6th Annual Medical Tourism Conference & Workshop

                                                          I THE ROLE OF PUBLIC POLICY IN ADVANCING MEDICAL TOURISM INDUSTRY

                                                          – Successes and existing challenges of implementation of EU cross border directive
                                                          *What is the position of private hospitals in Europe towards the cross border healthcare Directive?
                                                          *Examples of the implementation of the CBHD in the countries members of UEHP
                                                          *Where do patients travel in order to seek healthcare in Europe?
                                                          *What will be the impact of Brexit on CBHD?

                                                          – European Medical Tourism trend and its implications/development of Health & Wellness Tourism
                                                          * Medical tourism as a strong and successful indistry worldwide
                                                          *The role of health tourists in the survival of the clinics on international level
                                                          *Cooperation between clinics, service facilities and facilitators

                                                          – 2020: The present, the past, the future in Medical Tourism

                                                          – Panel discussion: Becoming global medical tourism destination development & management
                                                          *What is the role of the destination touristic offer and its impact on medical travel?
                                                          *Is clustering the only way out for local clinics to achieve global success?
                                                          *Is the governmental support essential for development of medical tourism

                                                          Iaria Giannico, Lutz Lungwitz, Dr. Prem Jagyasi, Atakan Tublukkan, Ahmad Shahrman

                                                          – Drivers of choice: What makes a parent choose your clinic?
                                                          *How patients researching the market opportunities?
                                                          *Choosing destination for medical travel
                                                          *Which are the XYZ in their decision making
                                                          *What can the clinic do to attract their attention

                                                          – Patient experience as an integral component of healthcare quality

                                                          – Making international patient departments patient-centric
                                                          *Why a separate department for international patients?
                                                          *What are the core functions of an International patient department?
                                                          *How to combine hospital and hospitality?

                                                          – Hospital performance management & meeting patients demands
                                                          *What is the process all about
                                                          *KPIs and Metrics for Improving processes understanding patient

                                                          Nick Losseff, Christos Skarleas, Claudia Mika, Stelios Kouvaris

                                                          – Optimising patient care in fertility treatment
                                                          *Fertility in Greece

                                                          – Safety of patients as priority of healthcare providers

                                                          – Patient experience trends for 2020 and beyond
                                                          *The Value preposition as a Healthcare Destination
                                                          *How Technology facilitates global access
                                                          *How to make a unique and remarkable patient experience
                                                          *Customizing patient journey and experience

                                                          Ioannidis Georgios, Christoopoulos George, Ognjen Bagatin, Rania Kimrakji

                                                          – Italian Medical tourism patient: A portrait (UX and Marketing personal approach)
                                                          *Who are our patients?
                                                          *Mental model
                                                          *Marketing actions

                                                          – Medical Tourism, a key of growth and development

                                                          – How to generate value in Health Tourism?
                                                          *Structural differences between medical and wellness
                                                          *Strategic approach: value vs. volume
                                                          *Interacting with stakeholders

                                                          – Panel discussion: Specificities of different markets: How to win patients from around the world?
                                                          *4 case studies from medical tourism facilitators
                                                          *Discuss the patient’s XYZ in evaluation of health services
                                                          *Business opportunities and challenges working with facilitators from these regions
                                                          *Is the med tour regional or global phenomena?
                                                          *Can we speak about global customer?
                                                          *Open Q&A

                                                          Stefano Urbani, Irini Tsimpidi, Alessandro Santambrogio, Farhan Abdulbari
                                                          V THE ALTERNATIVE ASPECTS OF MEDICAL TOURISM AND THE FUTURE

                                                          – Why health insurance?
                                                          *How can your health insurance plan make a difference?
                                                          *What are the opportunities for health tourism?
                                                          *Private health insurance plan as the only long-term solution

                                                          – The Evolution of the patient-provider relationship: Challenges & Opportunities
                                                          *Can the struggling world health systems be a land of opportunity for medical tourism providers?
                                                          *How has the patient-provider relationship evolved over time?
                                                          *What do consumers and patients expect from healthcare providers today?
                                                          *What can providers do to meet patients’ demands and enhance customer experience?

                                                          – Why do people travel abroad for healthcare – improving global access to quality healthcare

                                                          – How to design and deliver excellent experience for fertility patients?
                                                          *How to build the relationship before patient’s first visit?
                                                          *Treatment process – how handled with care?
                                                          *Why post-treatment patient’s experience is also important

                                                          Zahal Levy, Aida Sarkissian, Atakan Tublukkan, Jakub Dejewski, Aleksander Wiecki

                                                          – Impact of social media on medical travel
                                                          *Social Media Users Worldwide across platforms
                                                          *The science of influence
                                                          *Challenges of social media in healthcare

                                                          – The only 5 things you MUSt be able to do in Medical Tourism & never outsource
                                                          *How to define and attract the attention of more ideal patients for your ideal treatment plan without a budget?
                                                          *A proven method to get the maximum number of ideal patients who communicate with you to take the time to discuss having a treatment plan with your clinic
                                                          *Discover a way to make sure that the maximum number of patients who take the time to meet and decide at your clinic during a consultation actually take their patient journey with your clinic.
                                                          *Ways to ensure that your patients consistently experience your promises and have a treatment journey experience so good that they tell others about it
                                                          *Guarantee that your patients let you to reach more of the same types of patients for free

                                                          – Successful marketing strategy – a tool to promote services to existing patients and to ensure steady flow of new patients

                                                          – Panel discussion: The promotion mix
                                                          *What are the proven strategies and tactics to promote abroad?
                                                          *Do public relations boost growth?
                                                          *To what extent call centers help improve sales?

                                                          Daniel Coulton Shaw, Aida Sarkissian, Ilan Geva, Dimitris Kavakas, Klaus Schmerler

                                                          – Digital communications & customer experience marketing in healthcare
                                                          *What is digital communications
                                                          *How are businesses using this
                                                          *How can a PR and Digital Communications help healthcare businesses

                                                          – Open floor discussion: Various Approaches, Standards and Regulations in Medical Tourism
                                                          *International standards in medical tourism
                                                          *International standards in measuring medical tourism (different metrics)
                                                          *Insurance services related to the medical tourism service
                                                          *Regulation for medical travel facilitators
                                                          *Standards and control for medical tourism advertising
                                                          *International standards for patient records

                                                          – How can a CEO build a strong brand in healthcare and medical tourism?
                                                          *The marketing department is not building the brand
                                                          *The CEO should know marketing well, it’s part of the job
                                                          *Doctors are usually not good brand builders

                                                          Mahnoor Hussain, Maria Georga, Farhan Abdulbari, Ilan Geva
                                                          09:30 – 11:00
                                                          B2B NETWORKING MEETINGS I

                                                          Great opportunity to meet the industry’s largest international buyers: medical travel agencies, tour operators, insurance companies, governmental institutions etc.

                                                          Powerful possiblity to directly pitch and develop relationships with your counterparts in an intimate and cozy environment.

                                                          14:30 – 18:30
                                                          HOSPITAL SITE VISIT

                                                          Exhibition & Sponsorship

                                                          Do not miss out on this opportunity!

                                                          Targeted Marketing

                                                          Capture the attention of your target audience.

                                                          Stand Out

                                                          Line up alongside leading international healthcare brands.

                                                          Lead Generation

                                                          Be prepared to inform potential customers, (in)directly

                                                          Market Insights

                                                          Unveil the secrets for attracting patients from your target markets.

                                                          Productive Networking

                                                          Create long lasting relationships with practitioners in the industry.

                                                          Return on Investment

                                                          The specific knowledge gained is one thing. The partnering opportunities another. 
                                                          And that wonderful MTC Experience! 


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                                                          what people say

                                                          The EuroEvents team and the organization of the event were excellent!
                                                          GORDANA KALAN ZIVCECOwner, Medico Veritas, Slovenia
                                                          It was relevant since most of the topics that were discussed are part of our daily activities.
                                                          CLAUDIA MIKAFounder and CEO, Temos International, Germany
                                                          I am completely satisfied with the conference. Very high level quality. For me, it was very relevant as I work with foreign patients daily.
                                                          NIKA CSICSOOVASmile Clinic, Slovakia


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